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Then my Dad was taken in October age, 64, again far too early in my eyes.

What happened to growing old and passing in your sleep, this is how it's supposed to be in my eyes.

My niece was stillborn in September and it was heart wrenching, you imagine who that baby was going to become without even starting their life.

Men with AS often have some of the following traits, but they will vary in both number and level of severity from person to person: 1.

A special interest (e.g., coin collecting) is common in males with AS, and this may be something they have pursued for years.

I have days like today when I can't eat or get out of bed but I have to work full time as a primary school teacher to support myself.

I would love to hear from other bereaved parents who know what I am going through Hi there, I'm really sorry to see that you lost your daughter to this dreaded disease.I've always thought that losing a child would be the worst of worse.I never deal with any premature death easy, it's easier to deal with when they are older and die more naturally rather than taken from us. OH was asleep at the time, so I tried waking him up with kisses down his back. and playful and I still look at her breasts and *** when she's near me. I don't know if he is really okay with it or just not saying anything because of the kids. This morning I made two attempts at a quickie while the kids were adequately occupied. Oh sure we talk and take care of kids etc but you can't have any deep meaningful conversation when someone's attention is divided if not elsewhere. A lot of men with Asperger’s (AS) – also called “high functioning autism” – have never been diagnosed and are regarded as being eccentric, a little odd or loners.