Dating girl with hairy legs

I suppose my preference would be no hair but if there is, then anything well-groomed is fine. Any strays can be really off-putting, but equally I appreciate that keeping the area well kempt sometimes leads to fairly aggressive rashes, which is also off-putting.If they're rocking facial hair, that's not a good thing because I'll probably feel emasculated (it took me a month to grow a beard! Leg hair and armpit hair (provided it's not massively long or noticeable after a couple of days and it's just light stubble), I'm really not too bothered by and actually find it considerably worse when a girl makes an issue of it.'4.

I sat her down and explained its natural to have hairs on our bodies and that the girls in her class would soon have them as well .When she asked about shaving i expliand that if she was to start shaving now the hairs would be darker and thicker when she's older and she would have to shave more which is such a chore!There is a common cliché of the carpet matching the curtains, but I’d rather she has laminate flooring.'5.'There are more qualities to a woman and her body hair is one small aspect.My reason for being incredibly hairy right now is actually pretty boring.

First of all, it’s wintertime and neither my legs, nor my armpits, nor my midriff is getting any public exposure.But here is the caveat: He is repulsed by my leg hair.I’ve never been one to shave or wax my legs very consistently.'I’m not very hairy for a man (except on my head) so my preference is for women I’m dating to not have hair from the eyebrows down.I see body hair as a masculine feature, so I am more attracted to someone who has less hair (otherwise this would challenge my manly feature of having body hair).One in ten women suffers from excess facial and body hair - and spend hours laboriously plucking, shaving, waxing and dyeing. Male volunteers were asked to share their views on female body hair, and it seems that the answer is a resolute 'yes' Whilst they believe that you should be as hairy or hair-free as you very well please, the site thought it would be interesting to get men's frank and candid opinions about body hair and their landscaping likes and dislikes.