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There's an AC3 issue with the current version though.

Div X Player comes with HD capabilities, and you will be amazed at the quality of the videos.Moreover, the application can play content from the Div X Video-on-Demand program, an online service offering high-quality movies.Look around and you see countless i Pad video players. OPlayer Lite is currently one of the best video players for i Pad.It has excellent support for almost all formats (the latest update includes MKV support too).The simple interface is perfect for beginners, but it also hides some advanced options for those needing to get the most out of their videos.

When you use Div X Player, expect to enjoy the following advanced features: activating audio tracks in various languages; jumping exactly at the scene you want to watch; XTAG video tags containing information about the Div X files; easy-to-use menus that allows you to navigate between scenes and bonus features.Thankfully, Apple didn't think of keeping developers away from playing with video player apps designed for the i Pad. While the definition of “best” differs from person to person based on their requirements and the features, we nevertheless thought to collect the most popular and trustworthy i Pad video players for you.And that means there's a ton of them on the App Store. Each i Pad video player app has its own set of pros and cons and while it's easy to judge them based on user reviews, I feel that nothing beats using them personally.Sony's Play Station 3 console will see a few new features in the next firmware update, including a new Photo Gallery application and support for Div X 3.11.According to SCEA, the new firmware (v2.60) now available for Play Station 3.The default video player on the i Pad can only do so much.