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The femmes worked too, and also kept the home and butch spirits up.”Do you know who else was influenced by traditional gender roles in the 20th century? That’s why they’re called traditional gender roles.“In general, the butches tended to work, with blue-collar labor offering somewhat steady employment for masculine-presenting women.” Again, do you know who else found blue-collar labor a source of steady employment? Do you know who else often kept a home and their partner’s spirits up? Miller’s statements aren’t inaccurate, but they do ignore a little thing called the rest of the world.

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But he reassures him, "Nothing's gonna change between us." Read more ' Me Him Her': Film Review Awkwardness swiftly creeps in during poker night and while watching the hockey match, however, especially as their buddies Ortu (Jon Gabrus) and Nick (Chord Overstreet), fellow members of a garage band, insist on making lame "cover your butt" jokes.Adam claims to be inured to their sophomoric wisecracks, but in truth, the film's conflicts are so diluted that even when these guys are being jerks their behavior seems a watered-down version of straight insensitivity.There needs to be more movies like this as the script was well-developed, the actors truly cared about their roles, the production quality was top-notch, and there was a genuine heart to the movie.I saw this as a pure dudes film, and I can't believe how much I like it, and how much I related to it. I know that it is classified as a "gay" movie but in truth it is a "human" movie.

It is a story of acceptance and finding our way in life.Establishing shots of industrial sites along the Hudson River, churches, the local football field, and suburban streets lined with American flags adorning modest homes set the scene as an ordinary blue-collar community.Birthday boy Adam (Evan Todd) is turning 24 and has decided today's the day to break the news to his pals that he's gay, starting with longtime best friend Chris (Parker Young).this week, Shauna Miller took down some classic lesbians stereotypes while perpetrating a few new ones.Miller’s article is a response to a piece in Slate last week praising the lack of monogamy in relationships between gay men., but the shortage of dramatic texture, psychological insight or credible sexual tension in this toothless brom-com means he might as well be telling them he has a cold.