Gay dating for body builder

My formative years in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, were marked by anti-gay government witch-hunts of the 1960s, as well as hyper-Catholic and deeply homophobic parents and brother.

That and the fear created by the AIDS crisis, and the loss of a number of freinds in the 1980s, all did a number on me and kept me in the closet until I was 40.

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Gay guys have better bodies because they don't have kids. Raising tots does not make you "happy and gay." It makes you exhausted and surrounded by dirty diapers. Did you spend the baby's college fund on muscle supplements again? Who wouldn't agree that Homosexuals are most likely to be in shape?This one might sound strange at first, but you’re definitely going to notice that your guy looks in the mirror more than you do.You will likely catch him flexing to his reflection quite frequently. He spends countless hours sweating and grunting in the gym to attain a body that wins trophies. Now none of these men is Hetero but I bet many are Bi like Tony Damascus, Mark Slade and Zeb Atlas. A big thanks to the big men of who let me post their pics here.

What heterosexual man over 40 looks like some of these guys below?

My model Big Brit has a big Gay gallery of his own and I also shot this great HD video of him working out in the Gay Mecca, West Hollywood (Weho). (120 kg) bodybuilder Big Brit works out his legs and abs, then poses in West Hollywood.

You will be shocked at how much he looks like Procter & Gamble's grime fighting mascot "Mr.

But you will find all kinds of good looking men and their shorter buddies.

I like them too which is why so many Gay guys in this section have big muscles.

Especially considering what he probably looked like when he started. Not to mention, “posing” is a huge factor to winning on stage.