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Although numerous salons boast (expensive) services to shape brows into a perfect arch, much of the footwork can be completed easily from the comfort of your home. While eyebrows do have a definite shape from the get-go, the shape is not usually clearly defined, and is frequently hidden beneath a massive amount of hair growth—or, in some cases, obscured by years of over-plucking or over-waxing.

Although brows can go unshaped, well-shaped eyebrows can take years off of your face, and can easily enhance your features; just as your nose is uniquely yours, the overall shape of your eyebrows is unique and complements the remainder of your features better than forced shaping or thinning.

While the perfect brow does depend, to some degree, on what is currently “in,” there is no denying the beautifying effect a well-shaped and well-defined brow can have on a woman’s appearance.

Unkempt, unruly brows can darken an otherwise vivacious face, and an over-plucked, overdone brow can lend a cartoonish vibe to an otherwise elegant visage.

To discover what your eyebrows’ natural shape is, you will need a white eyeliner pencil.

It's common knowledge that eyes are the window to the soul, thus making eyebrows the frame of the face.

With thick arches like Emma Watson's and Jennifer Connelly's gaining in popularity, we put together our best tips for rocking a statement brow.

For those who want fuller, more shapely eyebrows, the array of arch-enhancing products out there can feel intimidating.

Resting niceface is a condition where your relaxed, resting face looks extra friendly and approachable.

Even if you’re tired or unhappy, your face says, “Hello! ” It’s the opposite of “resting bitch face,” where your resting face seems angry, even when you’re not.

Although it may be intimidating, eyebrows can easily be shaped at home.

There is no need to shell out the big bucks for a professional shaping; most of the materials needed to shape your brows may already be found in your medicine cabinet.

I’m not a huge fan of the term “bitch face,” for obvious reasons.