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There may be a time when it's necessary to appoint someone to manage your financial, medical or personal affairs.

This may be due to an immediate short-term need, such as an extended overseas trip, or a long-term plan for an aged person or someone with a disability or illness.

A Power of Attorney form can be general, granting broad authority over all of your medical and financial affairs, or it may be limited, giving your agent a defined set of responsibilities only in certain situations. In advanced estate planning, it's often smart to make your Power of Attorney form "durable." A Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) is a lifetime contract and is effective even if you're incapacitated or become mentally incompetent.

Whether you're going to be unavailable, or you want to prepare for unexpected illness, our simple Power of Attorney template can help you to ensure that someone you trust will manage your finances and health care with your best interest in mind. The DPOA form is sometimes called an Enduring Power of Attorney. While a general Power of Attorney form gives your agents broad authority over your financial or medical affairs until you become incapacitated, a special or limited Power of Attorney form allows you to define their responsibilities on a limited basis for one-time financial or transactional purposes.

Third parties may treat the agent as if he or she is the principal in any transactions that the agent is authorized to conduct.

Powers of attorney are commonly used in all sorts of business activities and are very frequently executed on behalf of individuals.

This is a legal document appointing someone you choose to manage your financial affairs in certain situations while you are still able to manage your own affairs - an extended overseas trip or a hospital stay.

Further information about power of attorney is available from the Legal Services Commission of South Australia.

I, ________________________________ [YOUR FULL LEGAL NAME], residing at ________________________________ ________________________________ [YOUR FULL ADDRESS], hereby appoint ________________________________ [YOUR AGENT' S FULL LEGAL NAME], residing at ________________________________ ________________________________ [YOUR AGENT' S FULL ADDRESS], as my Attorney-in-Fact ("Agent").

If my Agent is unable to serve for any reason, I designate ________________________________ [YOUR SUCCESSOR AGENT' S FULL LEGAL NAME], residing at ________________________________ ________________________________ [YOUR SUCCESSOR AGENT' S FULL ADDRESS], as my successor Agent.

In the course of most people’s lives, there may come a point when, either temporarily or permanently, it is not possible for the individual to make competent decisions regarding his or her finances or health care.