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Rory Mc Ilroy and Erica Stoll are husband-and-wife, and both are heavily involved in the golf world.Mc Ilroy, of course, is one of the world's best golfers, a multiple major champion.Here are a few photos (special to These reports are not much of a surprise, as the couple had already been expected to marry in April at Ashford Castle. This wedding has a five-year history behind it, as Stoll first became a part of Mc Ilroy's life when she was working for the PGA of America at the 2012 Ryder Cup and famously arranged Mc Ilroy a police escort in order to save him from missing his Sunday singles tee time.

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Mc Ilroy had overslept and was in danger of missing his tee time and forfeiting his singles match.Stoll alerted higher-ups, who roused Mc Ilroy from his slumber and helped him reach the golf course in the nick of time.We’re hopefully taking Max to his first golf tournament – the Irish Open – so they might bump into each other again then,’ she revealed.Holly gave birth to her first child with her partner, Belfast Giants ice hockey star Jeff Mason, last September.But he's still onto his wedding with Stoll, as the also notes that rumors are emerging that another guest will be Ed Sheeran, who is said to also be performing at the wedding despite the fact he has a concert at England's Manchester Arena (a 50-minute flight from Ashford Castle) that same night.

The alternatively reports that Coldplay will be the performer at the wedding.While there has been nothing official on the romance from either camp, the evidence is piling up. You Might Like: Is Caroline Wozniacki Engaged To Rory Mc Ilroy?Caroline Wozniacki Denies Break Up Rumors With Rory Mc Ilroy Caroline Wozniacki Spending Her Off Season With Rory Mc Ilroy Caroline Wozniacki and Rory Mc Ilroy Make Out in New Haven, Need More Proof They Are Dating?And one of the first visitors to see the new arrival was her former beau, Rory, who brought a suitably sporty gift.‘Brought my little buddy Max his first pair of Nikes last night!Great seeing you guys,’ Rory tweeted, demonstrating that he had made up with Holly.