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You can record a greeting, listen to other callers, and even connect live with local singles — all for FREE to start!Phone Chat Go is all about fun, sexy and entertaining.The minimum age requirement to have an account on Facebook is 13 years old. Many 12, 11, even 10 year olds are creating accounts, many with parental permission. Our two newest staff members, Lorie Safford and Rebecca Christensen, aren’t working day to day with children, but the work they do makes the CAC a better place. This month we will look at the second part of our red-headed dynamic duo, Lorie Safford.

Richard Love, in a story for the Lincoln Journal Star said, “Many teens have more than one Facebook account — the one their parents know about, and the ones they don’t.” In an article for the Huntsville Times, Richard Love suggests “parents also need to know many kids are sexting.” To prevent this, he says to “take the cell phone up every night and request the detailed text records along with the bill.” Love also advises that parents get familiar with the lingo kids use. Lorie has added a layer of calm and optimism to the climate of the Child Advocacy Center.

He suggested a site that spells out the acronyms kids use. She was added to our team to assist Lynn Ayers (Excecutive Director), Rebecca Christensen (Development Coordinator), and Cary Simpson (Program Coordinator).

Judy Cada‘s insight into the health care industry gives us a unique perspective.

We can help clients fully evaluate the extent of injuries caused by medical malpractice and then determine if there is a legal cause of action associated with it.

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