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“Jessie Con-ui took the life Former township manager who stole more than 0k avoids jail WILKES-BARRE -- Former Newport Township manager Richard Zika will face house arrest and probation for stealing hundreds of thousands in Township funds.

Diocese: Kingston priest resigns over misuse of parish funds KINGSTON — When a fill-in priest opened Mass on Sunday at the Church of St.

Followed by 4 cameras including infrared for nighttime viewing, streaming fulltime year round to give the residents of Pennsylvania and the world a glimpse into the life of this magnificent creature.

In addition to fighting for a better investment in education, the Wolf Administration has also worked collaboratively with lawmakers and outside stakeholders to improve the state of Pennsylvana's schools.Secretary, Department of Environmental Protection Learn more about Secretary Patrick Mc Donnell and DEP's mission to protect air, land and water, and provide a healthier and cleaner environment for the citizens of Pennsylvania.(AP) — A disgruntled former employee opened fire inside a Florida awning manufacturer on Monday, killing five workers there and then killing himself, officials said.Defense attorney admits gang assassin is guilty ‘beyond all doubt’ in guard’s killing SCRANTON — In the face of “overwhelming” evidence of guilt, gang assassin Jessie Con-ui’s defense team started his murder trial Monday with a seldom-used tactic — saying he is responsible for murdering a correctional officer.This story was told to us by Nicholass mother a little less than a year after her son died. (1) was an inquisitive adolescent involved with others and a confidant for many of his friends. Unfortunately we will never know exactly what Jean-Philippe was feeling, just as he will never know that his parents would have been much more accepting of his nature than he believed. It happened on a Saturday, the first time that Jean-Philippe ever failed to deliver the morning newspapers. A little later, when his younger sister called him to come down to eat, Jaheem didn't answer. To hang yourself like that, you've got to really be tired of something." Bermudez says bullies at school pushed Jaheem over the edge. "He told me, but he just got to the point where he didn't want me to get involved anymore because nothing was done," she said.

In so many ways he was the kid that parents dream about having. After his sister found him hanging from a wooden beam in the family home, the note written just before his final act was discovered: To all who love me and to the ones who did not love me. So mother and daughter climbed the stairs to Jaheem's room and opened the door. "I always used to see these things on TV, dead people on the news," says Bermudez. He complained about being called gay, ugly and "the virgin" because he was from the Virgin Islands, she said. Bermudez said she complained to the school about bullying seven or eight times, but it wasn't enough to save him.

Ignatius Loyola, parishioner Denise Tomasura didn’t think anything was wrong.

Then, at the end of Mass, an unexpected bombshell was announced: the parish priest, the Rev.

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As a model student, he never complained about the situation. "It just happens he was someone his peers targeted, calling him, 'girlie,' 'gay' and 'fag.' According to the mother, it was a daily occurrence." woke up on April 16, 2009 acting strangely.