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What is the solution to this "please wait" message?

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In addition, please try clearing your cookies before trying to purchase the content again.Sorry, an error occurred and we were unable to resolve it.But as soon as I connect to the unit's admin page, same issue after logging in and going through the menus.I'm on a wired connection (1000 Gbps link, Cat 6) from my desktop to the unit.Math Works Machine Translation The automated translation of this page is provided by a general purpose third party translator tool.

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Ultimate Greyboxing Kit 4.9 Syncing Marketplace purchase broken?

Still Syncing Blueprint From Marketplace Purchased Market Place Items gone Paying In Marketplace Issue openworlddemokite miss cliffs?

I have uninstalled the controller app on my i Mac & reinstalled, no go. I have let the "Updating Music Library" run for 72hrs , no go.

Has anyone ever gotten this resolved because none of the posts I found offered a definitive working solution.

I have searched and read multiple posts through the years about the same issue.