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But I was more surprised by -- and even now -- how many comments I get about "You're too pretty to box." And I'm like, "If I were less attractive, would you feel more comfortable with it?

I don't understand that." But you know, people really have this idea that if you're an attractive woman, maybe you should be a model, or maybe you should do something that has to do with your looks -- and I'm doing the exact opposite. Not necessarily become a fighter, obviously, but just do whatever it is that you want to do.

After a troubled period in her teens, including time in a juvenile detention center, she earned a degree in business management at Santa Monica College.

Laila "She Bee Stingin" Ali (5'10", 166 lbs) made her ring debut against April Fowler of Michigan City, Indiana, on October 8, 1999 at the Turning Stone Casino Convention Center on the Oneida Indian Nation in Verona, New York.Normally, a bout that pitted a novice with no amateur experience (Ali) against another (Fowler) who had been KO'd in the first round of her only previous pro fight wouldn't rate mention beyond the local newspaper.Check out our conversation below: Tell me why you were excited to get involved with the Maxx You Project. Maxx interviewed hundreds of women last year, and that's when they found out that 80 percent of women feel stereotyped and feel like society kind of puts them in a box, labels [them], and has certain expectations -- and I know that's something we've all felt at one time or the other. So when I was approached about this project, I thought it was amazing, of course, and very natural for me to get involved. In the years since you made the realization that you were being stereotyped at the start of your boxing career, do you feel as though society has made strides in that respect? What we have to do is change who we are as individuals.I am all about empowering women and encouraging them to break stereotypes and go after their dreams, and that's what this Maxx You Project is all about. You gotta learn how to block it out, you gotta learn how to have courage, be confident, not let your dreams die because of what other people tell you.Both women have the advantage of parental units that paved the way for their success.

Laila’s father, Muhammad Ali, needs no introduction.

That's why the retailer launched the Maxx You Project, in which 80 women will be handpicked for a signature workshop to break the "I can't, so I won't" behavior.

Maxx found that 80 percent of women feel they are stereotyped by society into specific roles and expectations -- and we can all agree that's an unsettling percentage.

We now have Ronda’s response via the Daily Beast: “If she wants to take me up on that, I’m around,” Rousey says of Ali. I understand why she’d think that because she has a size advantage, but if you saw my last fight it had nothing to do with size or strength at all. So you can’t count having a size and strength advantage as having a real advantage against me.” We better get back to Ali and ask her what she thinks about what Ronda thinks about what Ali thinks!

Rinse and repeat until Ali comes out of retirement and starts following Dana White around Vegas demanding a fight. I’m sure the end result would be about the same, too.

In her own career (1999-2007), she defeated some of the most prominent names in women's boxing, retiring with a 24-0 record.